The Administrative Planning function supports both clinical and administrative departments throughout the Hospital, and is responsible for the development, formulation and implementation of plans for clinical, administrative, and facility projects of Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, in accordance with established policies and procedures. The scope of services provided includes the following:

  • Certificate of Need (CON) Applications: Provide direction/resource for the preparation of CON applications for Wyckoff Heights Medical Center and assures proper monitoring and contingencies are addressed on pending CONs. Advise Wyckoff Heights Medical Center management staff on CON submission strategies. Monitor CON approval and post-approval process and maintain ongoing relationships with appropriate New York State Department of Health representatives to facilitate the CON process.
  • Strategic and Program Planning: Provide support for strategic planning activities of the Hospital and convene task forces, work groups, and departments in planning for new clinical and administrative programs and facilities. Assist the development of primary care planning initiatives; direct market assessments used for program and business planning; coordinate outside consultants who assist with projects and conduct other planning activities as determined by the President & CEO, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Wyckoff Heights Medical Center. Prepare annual Community Service Plans, as required by the New York State Department of Health.
  • Planning and Market Data Analysis: Obtain, refine, and analyze planning and market data to meet the needs of the Hospital: and prepare and guide requests for market and physician data from Hospital departments.
  • Grant Funding Initiatives: Support Wyckoff Heights Medical Departments for the development and preparation of proposals in response to State, Federal and other grant initiatives.
  • Monitoring of Industry Trends: Monitor changes in the New York State Department of Health regulations as they relate to CON reform, Community Service Plans, cardiac access and other issues: and stay abreast of key market, regulatory, and technology trends and make recommendations to senior management on policy and planning initiatives.