Patient Access

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Patient Population

The Admitting Department provides quality service to patients of all age groups from newborns to geriatrics for inpatient, ambulatory surgery and outpatient settings.

Methods Used to Assess and Meet Patient Care Needs

The Admitting Department addresses the patients’ care needs through collaboration with the Medical Staff and Nursing Staff, through the Admitting Reservation, Emergency Room Admission and Patient Discharge and Transfer process.

  • Admitting Office: Completes the admitting process for all emergency, elective admissions, maternity/newborns and patient transfers. Distributes the Patient Information Guide that includes Patient Rights and Responsibilities, Advance Directives and other required information. Accepts and documents deposits from patients for charges not covered by insurances; accepts payments from patients with no insurance coverage. Ensures the integrity of the information entered in the system; corrects and revises patient information while coordinating with hospital departments (Medical Records, Patient Accounts, etc.). Facilitates transfers in-house and to other facilities.
  • Preadmission Testing: Registers patient demographic and insurance data in the computer system.
  • Bed Assignments: Oversees and coordinates the assignment of beds for Emergency Room and Elective admissions; coordinates in-house transfer of patients, ensuring patients are placed in locations appropriate to their diagnosis, course of treatment or other criteria established by clinical services.
  • Obstetrics Admissions and Birth Registration: Provides maternity reservations; gathers and prepares data for the filing of birth certification/certificates with the City's Bureau of Vital Records.

Appropriateness, Clinical Necessity and Timeliness of Services

The Admitting Department determines the setting through the utilization of policies and procedures prepared by the Medical Staff, Nursing Department and support services.  Services are coordinated to expedite the admission process.

Availability of Necessary Staff

The Admitting staff is available twenty-four hours/seven days a week. Appropriate staffing is available for each tour of duty to ensure adequate services are provided to all patients in a timely manner.  Staffing in the Admitting Department is assessed annually during the budget preparation period.

Extent To Which Care Provided Meets Patients’ Care Needs

The department assures provision of quality of patient care through monitoring and evaluation on a regular basis in accordance with the department’s Performance Improvement Plan.