Language Assistance Services

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Patient Population Served 

The L.E.P. Program provides translation and interpretation services to patients and visitors to WHMC. Services are provided to patients of all ages in both inpatient and outpatient and ambulatory settings.

Methods Used to Assess and Meet Patient’s Care Needs 

Patients are identified as needing language assistance services at the time of registration. The Patient Demographic Sheet contains computer fields for primary language spoken and if interpretation services will be required. If language difficulties are identified during the course of patient care, language services are provided.

All clinical staff is trained to access translation services through the interpreter list which is available in all patient care areas. The list identifies those staff members who possess a proficiency in a second language, have volunteered to provide translation services and have been trained to do this. In those instances when a patient requires interpretation services in a language not spoken by an available staff member, the interpreter’s list provides instructions to access the Language Line Telephonic Interpretation Service. 

In addition, all L.E.P. inpatients are identified by signage placed above the patient’s bed to alert the staff of the patient’s need for interpretation and translation services.

Availability of Necessary Staff 

  • The office of the L.E.P. Coordinator is located on the fourth floor in the “B” building.  Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM. 
  • The Coordinator is available to assist the staff in difficult situations and to provide education to hospital staff related to appropriate use of available interpretation services. 

The Extent to Which Care Provided Meets Patient Needs 

Through direct contact with patients, families and visitors, the L.E.P. Department is afforded the opportunity to assess, first hand, patient satisfaction. The L.E.P. Coordinator conducts periodic chart reviews and interviews with L.E.P. patients to assess a level of satisfaction with interpretation services.

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