Information Technology

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The Information Technology (IT) Department plays a key role in nearly every activity within Wyckoff Heights Medical Center (WHMC). IT provides technical knowledge and skills to assist members of the clinical and administrative staff with their technology needs. This includes, but is not limited to evaluation, selection, implementation, enhancements, and support of software applications, hardware, and operating system environments. IT is also responsible for connectivity, specifically the role of the network in filtering out undesirable traffic that impacts the ability of end-users to obtain service in a timely and appropriate way. All acquisitions of computers and associated hardware and software are performed by this department. IT works with vendors in customizing software and where appropriate, develops in-house applications. IT staff manages software implementation projects, acting as the liaison to the user community.  Integration of the numerous software packages, including interfaces to biomedical equipment, is another IT responsibility.

The IT department is responsible for implementing the hospital Health Care Information System (HCIS), which is Meditech. The Clinical Informatics nurses are core team project coordinators that work closely with each clinical department to review the current work flow and convert the process into the electronic system that will meet the need of the Medical staff.

IT is also responsible for voice services. This includes the maintenance, control, moves, additions, and changes of all related equipment. Voice services are composed of telephone sets, fax, voice mail, dictation systems, beeper, cell phone and the automated response system.

The Communications Department Operators is also part of the IT department. They provide information by accessing directories. In emergency situations, they dispatch the appropriate personnel using emergency codes by notifying staff through overhead paging.

The Department participates in planning, re-engineering, and other initiatives for which information technology is an integral part for improving business practices or solving the business needs of the hospital.