Human Resources

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The Department of Human Resources, in compliance with applicable law and regulatory agencies, provides a wide range of services that create the environment through which the right number of competent staff can be identified in order to meet patients’ needs. The following describes the major scope of services provided by the Human Resources Department.

  • Job Definition and Recruitment: With departmental leadership, define the qualifications, competencies and staffing levels needed for every position as determined by the needs of the Medical Center; recruit and select the most qualified candidate for each, consistent with the Medical Center's commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity, in a cost-effective manner.

  • Maintenance of Productive Work Environment: Promote and maintain a productive work environment, one in which employees are treated fairly and individuals have an opportunity to achieve job satisfaction and personal growth.

  • Employee Representation: Provide a responsive forum for the resolution of mutual concerns by effectively representing the employee to management and management to the employee, in accordance with Collective Bargaining Agreement, where applicable.

  • Administration of Equitable Compensation and Benefits: Administer equitable compensation and benefit programs consistent with sound personnel practice, responsible fiscal management and applicable law, which provide competitive salaries, benefits and working conditions. Manage the employee information database accurately and with safeguards to protect employees’ privacy. 

  • Orientation and Education: Orient new employees to Medical Center policies and philosophy; and in order to create a culture that fosters staff self-development and continued learning, the Department provides ongoing education that develops employees’ and physicians’ communication, team and technologic skills and promotes enhanced performance and ability to manage change.

  • Employee Performance Assessment: Ensure that the competence of all staff members is assessed, maintained, demonstrated and improved continually. On an ongoing basis, assess competence levels and evaluate staff members – continuing abilities to perform job duties and responsibilities.

  • Effective Institutionwide Communication: Encourage, support and effectively communicate these services throughout the organization and community. 

General Inquiries
Tel: (718) 963-7711

Margaret Cornelius
Vice President, Human Resources
Fax: (718)417-5783

Joseph Foti
Labor Relations Manager
Tel: (718) 963-7698
(718) 366-4620  

Erick Salazar
Human Resources Manager
Tel:  (718) 963-7115
Fax:   (718) 417-5783 

Tamika Pridgen
Senior Human Resources Generalist
Tel:  (718) 963-7674
Fax:   (718) 907-4974

Brunilda Fredjaj
Human Resources Generalist
Tel:  (718) 963-7599
Fax:   (718) 417-5783

Cathyann Rivera
Human Resources,Executive Assistant
Tel: (718) 906-3995
Fax: (718) 963-7251

Natalie Hoffman
Training & Development Manager
Tel: (347) 417-8670
Fax: (718) 963-7251

Julissa Colon
HR Assistant
Tel:  (718) 963-7711
Fax:  (718) 417-5783

Candice Wheeler
HR Assistant
Tel:  (347) 417-8672
Fax:  (718) 417-5783

Barbara Licorish
HR Clerk
Tel:  (347) 417-8673
Fax:  (718) 417-5783

Larissa Rivera
HR/Volunteer Coordinator
Tel: (718) 963-7110
Fax: (718) 963-7251