Environmental Services

(718) 963-7111


The Environmental Services Department is responsible for providing twenty four hour service that ensures the facility is kept clean and safe at all times. The Environmental Services staff will be knowledgeable of accepted housekeeping procedures, facility rules, facility safety policies and disaster plans.

The goals of the department are communicated, achieved and measured through the following procedures:

a) Each area of the facility is evaluated, and a cleaning schedule, based on function and usage, is translated into a daily duty list for each housekeeper.

b) The staffing, duty lists and cycle cleaning schedules are reviewed and adjusted regularly to ensure all the needs of the area are being addressed.

c) Regular inspections are conducted by supervisors in randomly selected areas.

d) Training of the housekeepers is an on going process of weekly in service classes conducted by the supervisors and monthly in service classes conducted by the Director and the Operations Manager.

e) Management schedules and the table of organization are devised in such a manner that ensures twenty four hour responsibility is assigned.

Laundry and Linen

The Wyckoff Heights Medical Center distributes the linen which is laundered by Unitex.  We provide service to patient units Sunday through Saturday and to Ambulatory areas Monday through Saturday. In case of an emergency, the Linen department has a back-up supply to ensure continued patient care. A supervisor is on call 24 hours in case of such an emergency.