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Wyckoff Heights Medical Center recognizes that instances of fraud, waste and abuse of government payer programs in health care are serious violations of law and the public’s trust.  We have made it a top priority to conduct our business and operations in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations and to maintain a culture and environment that promotes ethical and lawful practices at all times.    We maintain, and continue to develop, policies, procedures and education aimed toward full compliance with the law with no tolerance for unethical or illegal activities.  We understand that failure to comply with applicable laws and regulations could threaten Wyckoff’s continuing participation in Medicare and Medicaid and could jeopardize our reputation, financial stability and patients’ safety.  

Wyckoff maintains a Compliance Program in order to increase the likelihood that we will prevent, detect and correct any fraud, abuse, waste or inefficiency in our operations and business practices and to insure that the quality of care we provide to our patients is always our highest priority.  Our Compliance Program strives to create a culture that promotes understanding of and adherence to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations and is designed to be “effective” as defined under the New York State Mandatory Compliance Program Law.   An effective Compliance Program is a continuously evolving effort that takes into account a health care provider’s specific operations and practices but should, at a minimum, contain the following elements:

  • Write policies and procedures that describe compliance expectations  and identify how to communicate compliance issues to appropriate personnel,;
  • An employee(s) designated with responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the compliance program; 
  • Training and education  of all persons associated with the provider, on compliance issues; 
  • Communication lines to the designated compliance person allowing compliance issues to be reported. Communication lines shall include a method for anonymous and confidential good faith reporting of potential compliance issues as they are identified. 
  • Establish disciplinary policies to encourage good faith participation in the compliance program by all affected individuals.  Such policies shall be fairly and firmly enforced.
  • A system for routine identification of compliance risk areas;
  • Systems for responding to compliance issues as they are raised and correcting problems promptly and thoroughly; 
  • A policy of non-intimidation and non-retaliation for good-faith participation in the compliance program. 


Wyckoff’s Compliance Program is designed to incorporate these elements into the hospital’s operations and practices, using industry best practices and the commitment and cooperation of our employees, executives, management, physicians, Trustees and vendors.  We share the goal of complete integrity in all of Wyckoff’s dealings.

Wyckoff’s Department of Compliance and Internal Audit