Central Supply Services

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Mission Statement

The Central Supply Department (CSD) of Wyckoff Heights Medical Center provides safe and appropriate supplies and equipment, as well as sterile trays for use in patient care. Our principal objective is to make sure all items are sterilized properly and all equipment remain in good working order, to ensure supplies and equipment are always available for immediate patient use.


The Central Supply Department relieves nursing personnel of the duties related to the preparation and sterilization of supplies, as well as the cleanup of pumps and machines.

Types/Ages of Patients

Central Supply services all types/ages of patients from birth to geriatrics.

Method Used to Assess and Meet Patient Care Needs

The Wyckoff Heights Medical Center Central Supply Services provides patient care equipment and supplies for all units within the Medical Center. In addition, the Sterile Processing Area decontaminates, assembles and sterilizes trays, kits and individually sealed instruments. The department provides 24 hours of service per day, five days a week and 16 hours of service on the weekends from 7 AM to 11 PM. 

Central Supply maintains inventory of supply usage in order to continually replenish used items and collaborates with other disciplines to upgrade and improve supplies and equipment based on provider recommendations.

Extent to Which Services Provide for Patients Needs

The Central Supply Department employs infection control procedures and provides orientation and inservices in staff meetings to maintain employee awareness of current practices and makes recommendations of refurbishing sets and increasing the number of sets.

Recognized Standard and Practice Guidelines

Central Supply follows the OSHA, State, Joint Commission, Hospital, Departmental Guidelines and policies and procedures.