FacilityWyckoff Heights Medical Center
DepartmentVascular Lab
CategoryFull Time
Job Details
  • Obtain the patient clinical history and correlate with the test to be performed.
  • Performs cerebrovascular and peripheral vascular studies
  • Performs arterial, venous, arterial graft and hemodialysis duplex examination
  • Prepares preliminary findings and relays preliminary findings to proper referring
  • Follows protocols and deviate from normal techniques when clinically necessary.
  • Recognizes the significance of all structures visualized on the monitor and differentiate normal from abnormal and to recognize artifacts.
  • Performs clinical assessment and diagnostic vascular laboratory examinations.
  • Use cognitive sonographic skills to identify and record appropriate anatomical, pathological, and diagnostic images.
  • Coordinates work schedule with Technical Director, Senor Staff and scheduling desk to assure workload coverage.
  • Responsible for the safety, mental & physical comfort of patients while in the technologist's care.
  • Maintains a daily log of patients seen / completes exam billing forms.
  • Maintains ultrasound equipment and work area & maintains adequate supplies.
  • Participates in the maintenance of laboratory accreditation via ICAVL and JCOH.
  • Establishes and maintains ethical working relationships and good rapport with all interrelating hospital, referral or commercial agencies.
  • Prepares patients for examinations and explains procedures to patients.
  • Assess the patient and correlate the clinical history with the test to be performed.
  • Consults with technical director/senor staff when necessary to determine appropriate vascular lab procedure. Consult with referring MD and/or

patient chart regarding patient's history to determine appropriate vascular lab procedure, when necessary.

  • Performs the following procedures: cerebrovascular, peripheral vascular and abdominal duplex, segmental blood pressure and physiology

evaluations and other tests as determined by the Technical and Medical Directors of the vascular lab.

  • Operates complex ultrasound equipment, cameras, recorders and other patient assessment equipment pertinent to department needs. Selects

appropriate equipment and transducer frequency/size for proper examination.

  • Recognizes the significance of all structures visualized on the monitor and is able to differentiate normal from abnormal and to recognize

artifacts. Understands when to seek advice.

  • Follows protocols and is able to deviate from normal techniques when clinically necessary.
  • Prepares preliminary findings and participates in reading sessions with the physician and contributes technical knowledge to the final

diagnostic impression or report. Relays preliminary findings and/or final reports to proper referring physicians.

  • Assists in the Evaluation of new products and equipment for the lab and in research contributes to, and assists with, the maintenance of

teaching files.

  • Assists in the orientation of new staff members and student.
  • Attends regularly scheduled vascular lab rounds and prepares and/or presents vascular lab case studies with correlation's. Participates in

preparation and presentation of quarterly QA meetings.

  • Keeps up-to-date in the field of ultrasound and vascular technology by reading and/or attending conferences or symposia
  • Reviews pathology, surgical, and angiography reports to follow patient's progress and to provide a means of reviewing the accuracy of the

vascular laboratory examinations.

  • Recognizes the limitations of electronic equipment.
  • Provides technical and nursing aid for surgical, biopsy, and aspiration procedures.
  • Performs other work related duties as assigned.


  • High school Diploma or equivalent and a minimum of 1 year job-related experience. school of Radiology Technology.
  • Current NY State Registered Vascular Technologist License (RVT).
  • Requires a minimum formal education from an accredited program and must obtain their national registry within six months of employment.

(1) Full-time (Regular)

Days: M-F Alternate Weekends Shift: 3:00Pm – 11:00pm (35 hrs.)

(1)Part – Time (Regular) Union: 1199

Days: Varies Shift: 9:00am – 5:00pm (28 hrs.)

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Person/Phone Contactlarivera@wyckoffhospital.org, pbahnken@wyckoffhospital.org
Position Available2018-09-05 12:23:25

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