Staff Physical Therapist - Per Diem

Conducts patient initial evaluations, re-evaluations, and treatments in a proficient, professional, thorough, and timely manner.  Develops an effective P.O.C. and discharge plan based on these findings while establishing measurable/functional short and long. 

*   Responsible for preparing functional, objective, complete and timely documentation of any patient. Completing necessary  charge slips and properly documenting treatment on in and out patient tracking forms.

*   Treats patients with respect, compassion and understanding, and aids in the care and safety of patients at all times.

*   Practices physical therapy consistent with their job description APTA code of ethics and  standards of practice.

*   Knowledgeable of all treatment modalities, mechanics, indications and contraindications and able to utilize all modalities in a proficient and safe manner.

*   Utilizes effective techniques in applying manual techniques, stretching and strengthening exercises and all exercise equipment.

*   Maintains a patient treatment schedule consistent with the needs of the PM&R Division and performs evaluations in the proper sequence.

*   Conducts a proper review of patients' medical records prior to treatments, and when possible speaking to the assigned nurse/medical resident, while assuring confidentiality of all information and records.

*   Educates patients and their families in the safe and effective performance of gait/transfers/ambulation, use of ambulatory devices, PM&R equipment; formulates a daily HEP, written and verbal, based on identified  

    learning needs and evaluates effectiveness

*   Conducts Q.I./P.I. Activities as directed by their supervisor or PM&R Director, accurately, completely and in a timely fashion.

*   Demonstrates ability to be flexible, organized and function under stressful conditions; has initiative and can be counted on for day-to-day activities and performs other duties as required or requested by their supervisors.

*   Communicates effectively with patients and inter and intra departmental staff and communicates unaffected findings to MD/RN/PM&R Director, Physical Therapist Supervisor as appropriate.

*   Utilizes safe and effective body mechanics in having patients perform ambulation,  transfers; bed level activities and exercise.

*   Insures PM&R equipment and modalities are properly functioning, clean and in good condition.

*   Treats patients of all ages (e.g. neonates, infants, children, adolescents, adults, geriatrics, elderly, ages 0 - 120 years, race, creed, gender and disabilities without bias or prejudice.

*   Performs all other duties as required.

Position Requirements

 This position requires a minimum formal education of High School Diploma or equivalent and a minimum of 3 years job-related experience.

Desired (not required) criteria include:  The three year minimum experience level can be waived  when a particular P.T. is known to us as a per diem staff member and demonstrated a convincingly  proficient ability to perform the job.

Physical Therapy New York State License 

A) Graduate of accredited Physical Therapy Program.   B) Must be eligible for State

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