Program Coordinator - Asthma Program

* Work as part of collaborative team member of the Breathe Easy Asthma Team

*  Collaborate with community partners to identify potential day care sites

*  Conduct outreach to engage day care sites in the Managing Asthma in Day Care program

*  Establishes and maintains active MOUs with Community Partners to ensure they are meeting the agreed upon program expectations

*  Provide technical assistance to support sites in implementing the asthma case identification protocol

*  Provide technical assistance to support sites in implementing the asthma tracking software

*  Arrange, plan, and facilitate at least three provider group meetings each year

*  Coordinate with the identified sites and the CHW to plan trainings for site staff

*  Serve as the primary point of contact for communication from all sites and DOHMH/PHS staff

*  Conduct facility assessments of asthma triggers, and provide technical support for reducing environmental triggers

*  Provide trainings as needed based on CHW availability

*  Supervise the CHW for the program

*  Works closely with the Breath Easy Asthma Team to ensure Wyckoff Asthma Deliverables and outcomes are met

*   Conducts quarterly QA reviews to identify gaps and improve services

*  Orders and maintains appropriate program education, promotional materials, and supplies.           

*  Facilitates and provides administrative support to the Pediatric Continuous Quality Improvement Committee and any asthma-related Quality Improvement projects conducted throughout the hospital.

*  Collaborates with the ambulatory care and clinical staff of the pediatric and adult pulmonology departments, emergency room departments, inpatient unit, and outpatient clinics in order to support high quality care for

   asthma patients and the identification and referral of asthma patients to the breathe easy program

*   Ensure that all program activities are documented in a timely, comprehensive fashion including client charts, program databases, linkages with community service providers, outreach activities logs, and reports as


*   Develop and maintain active collaborations with community agencies and consumer venues, community boards, and NYC Department of Health to facilitate outreach, messaging/education, and referrals for clients served

     by the Prevention programs

*   Participate in regular team meetings.

*   Participate in regular supervision with Senior Director of Community and Population Health, the Asthma Program Manager, and the Clinical Lead.

*   Attend necessary trainings and in-services, including meetings off-site with the Department of Health, Asthma Coallition, or other network partners to remain abreast of current best practices in Asthma Management

*   May be required to attend meetings after standard working hours or change shift in order to facilitate meeting program recruitment and service delivery goals.  

*  Other duties as assigned as the program develops                       

Position Requirements: 

*  This position requires a minimum formal education of Bachelor's Degree and a minimum of 1 year job- related experience.

*  Desired (not required) criteria include:  Bilingual English and Spanish. Be familiar with the 2007 National Standards on Asthma Education and Prevention Program guidelines. Have a background in education or community

   work in Queens. Generate creative solution to problem that may occur during implementation of the program.