Infection Control Practitioner

* Assists in planning, organizing, evaluation, and coordinates the Infection Control program in accordance with current rules, regulations and guidelines that govern such requirements.

*  Assists in developing, maintaining and periodically updating the infection control policy and aseptic techniques that successfully correct problem areas.

*  Assists in surveillance rounds for the purpose of case findings, monitoring rounds for the purpose of identifying potential problems, and supervision of isolation practices.

*  Assists in the review and analysis of microbiology lab reports for the purpose of identifying cases of potential Nosocomial infection of communicable disease.

*  Assists in the coordination of the "raw data" in the preparation of Nosocomial infection reports.

*  Assists in monitoring the infection control practices and procedures to ensure that all personnel are implementing our standard operating procedures for stand precautions.

*  Assists in ensuring that laboratory support is available, including microbiologic and serological services.

*  Assists in monitoring the handling, storage and processing of clean and sterile supplies.

*  Assists in ensuring that all personnel follow established procedures for the handling and disposal of general and infectious waste.

*  Assists in the development and implementation of guidelines for the decontamination and sterilization activities.

Position Requirements

* This position requires a minimum formal education of Associate Degree or certification equivalent and  a minimum of 2 year job-related experience.

* Desired (not required) criteria include:  Baccalaureate or Associate degree in Nursing, Medical Technology, Microbiology or a related field.


Please email your resume at bfregjaj@wyckoff or fax it to 718-417-5783