Clinical Pharmacist Specialist fro Antibiotic Stewardship

FacilityWyckoff Heights Medical Center
CategoryFull Time
DescriptionThis position entails daily clinical activities of all Pharmacy Department including profile and non- profile patient care areas, as well as implementing and monitoring various "Medication use evaluations."
Job Details

* Daily department clinical activities. 

*  Schedules daily clinical activities of the pharmacy staff and analyzes statistics generated by these clinical activities.

*  Provides ongoing information on staff performance to assist in the evaluation process, using objective criteria.

*  Conducts medication-use evaluations and analyzes data generated regarding prescribing trends and proper medication usage.

*  Analyzes adverse drug events reported to the department, and generates reportable events using various criteria.

*  Interacts with physicians and other prescribers of target medications, to assure appropriate and cost efficient medication use.  This shall include therapeutic substitution, formulary

   drug product selection, and therapeutic product review.

*  Attends infectious disease rounds to prevent the misuse of restricted antibiotics. 

*  Reports on and implements pharmacoeconomic tools available.

*  Assists with daily pharmacy activities due to staff shortages or increased workload.

*  Provides drug information to the Medical and Nursing staffs and assists the staff pharmacists in the same function.  Utilization of internal and external drug information resources when

   detailed information is required. 

 Position Requirements:

 This position requires a minimum formal education of Bachelor's Degree and a minimum of 3 years job-related experience.

 Desired (not required) criteria include:  One year of clinical pharmacist experience preferred. Experience with adverse drug reaction reporting, medication use evaluation, pharmacoeconomic  analysis experience preferred.

 Microsoft Offce experience preferred.

 License NYS Pharmacist NYS Pharmacist

 Comments  BS Pharmacy, PharmD or MS Pharmacy.  Knowledge of legal/regulatory standards (NYS, JACHO).


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Position Available2018-04-13 19:05:00

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