Contract Manager

FacilityWyckoff Heights Medical Center
DepartmentGrant SAMHSA
CategoryFull Time
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·         Utilize strong and strategic methods to monitor and track applications through the development process.

·         Create and maintain a highly reliable and efficient grants management process.

·         Manage decision-making process with clear and actionable communications.

·         Ensure compliance with the rules and regulations administered by the grantor; oversee special audits conducted by grantor.

·         Coordinate pre- and post- award activities on behalf of a highly active grant team

·         Prepare timely submission of grant applications and reports

·         Develop and adjust grant budgets in coordination with the fiscal team

·         Computes, prepares and submits the annual indirect cost rate. Negotiates the rate with the applicable agency as necessary.

·         Ensures proper close out and reporting for grants

·         Serves as liaison between department grant projects, finance office, and funders

·         Coordinates the accounting functions related to sponsored programs and other restricted accounts by:

o    Proposing policies and procedures related to restricted funds for review and implementation by Program Managers.

o    Assisting Program Managers in the financial reporting and other administrative requirements of their grants/contracts.

o    Monitoring/tracking the status of each program through the program life cycle.

o    Coordinating grant finance meetings to monitor and augment expenditures according to budget.

o    Supporting preparation, review, and coordination of A-133 Audit work.

·         Assist in evaluating the fiscal administration of grant programs.

·         Oversee the preparation and timely submission of grant applications, application amendments, and budget transfers.

·         Obtain and maintain updated administrative documents, ensuring no lapse in compliance

·         Ensure complete application submissions to funder to improve chances of success

·         Facilitate review and approval of Funding Agreement from DSP, Legal and Finance and facilitate execution of Funding Agreement.

·         Distribute Notice of Award and executed funding agreement to relevant stakeholders, including DSP, Fiscal and Legal.

·         Manage and maintain Wyckoff administrative documents

·         Manage and maintain access to City, State and Federal grantee systems

·         Obtain administrative documents required post-award

·         Maintain orderly files of critical grants-related documents

·         Convene meetings with DSP to discuss subcontracting expectations

·         Conduct grant research to:

o    Identify new foundation funding streams;

o    Update tracking systems for grant submissions, reports and deadlines;

o    Maintain all necessary back up and supplemental materials for grant submissions  

·         Research potential funding sources, including regularly reviewing key private foundation sites and funding resources for relevant RFPs, and sharing at the Business Development meeting to ensure timely decision making

·         Support the grants team to monitor follow up to ensure opportunities are not missed

·         Circulate decisions to pursue funding opportunities to grant managers and hospital teams and track decisions 

·         Ensure proposals are tracked from the grant seeking to award phase and all relevant tasks are being completed in a timely fashion.  

·         Solicits input and updates from Wyckoff stakeholders on a routine basis and track relevant inputs.

·         Attends professional development training and stays abreast of the Office of Management and Budget Circulars and their applicability to grants management.

·         Maintains calendar of fiscal reporting requirements

·         Write, update, train and maintain the Grant Accounting Handbook, which will serve as the policies and procedures manual for all program managers over special programs and grants/contracts.

·         Directly consult with all stakeholders concerning the sponsored programs and other restricted accounts as they relate to financial administration of grants. This includes interpreting federal requirements and granting agency guidelines of such grants.

·         Perform other duties as assigned.


·         Bachelor’s degree from and accredited college or university.  Master’s degree preferred.

·         At least five years of experience with grants and contracts in government, healthcare, human services, or other non-profit setting.

·         Knowledge of online systems:, NYC HHS Accelerator, NYC PASSPort, Grants Gateway, and eRA Commons.

·         Proficient in the use of business computing software including: intermediate to advance experience with Excel, Word, Outlook, and Adobe Acrobat Professional.

·         Detail oriented; possess analytical skills, and be highly organized and a team player.

·         Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

·         Ability to work independently, set priorities and exercise sound judgment.

·         Excellent attention to detail, strong project management skills, and ability to prioritize and manage multiple complex tasks while maintaining composure under demanding deadlines.

·         Flexibility in approach and willingness to adapt when necessary.

Ability to work assertively but collaboratively and coordinate a diverse team of contributors

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