Wyckoff Heights Medical Center - Introduces

The BreatheEasy Program

A new way to track your child’s asthma

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center is making asthma a priority

Experts recommend parents of children with asthma track their symptoms, triggers and use of asthma medications in an asthma diary.

But remembering to update your child’s diary is tough, which means It might not be the most accurate record of their asthma over time.

Wyckoff’s Breathe Easy Program, powered by Asthmapolis, helps You gain control of your child’s asthma with tools that make it easy to track when and where their asthma symptoms occur.

At a time when many hospitals are experiencing, significant reductions in resources and services, Wyckoff Heights Medical Center continues to respond to the growing healthcare needs of the communities we serve by expanding clinical programs like this free asthma program.

Contact Rachel McKenny:
Phone: 718-963-7368

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